Wisconsin Pressure Steam Sterilisers – Electric Steriliser

The electric Wisconsin steriliser is a complete, self-contained unit with an immersion heating element, automatic thermostatic control, automatic release valve and pilot light.

The electric models feature a 60-minute mechanical bell timer and a 1650 watt heating element for faster operation


Y3731 24L (model 25x/50x)

Y3732 39L (model 75x)


  Non-Electric Model 25x (Y3730) Electric Model 50x (Y3731) Electric Model 75x (Y3732)
Gross Capacity 24L 24L 39L
Overall Height 42.5cm 42.5cm 48.3cm
Inside Diameter 32.1cm 32.1cm 38.7cm
Unit Weight 8.3kg 13.2kg 20.4kg
Inner Container
Height Inside Depth Diameter
No. 2162 (Y3740)

26cm 28.3cm 91.1cm 16.6L
No. 2156 (Y3745)

28.3cm 91.1cm 13.7L
No. 4156 (Y3745/39)

35.6cm 113cm 25.8L
Optional Support Base Outside Diameter Inside Diameter
Elevation on Surface

5cm high 32.4cm 31.4cm
7.6cm 41.3cm 38.1cm
Shipping Weight 11.3kg 15.4kg 23.1kg
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