Magnesium Sulphate 50%

A sterile solution of pure magnesium sulphate in water for injection.

Each ml of solution contains 500mg of magnesium sulphate (MgS04.7H2O), equivalent to about 50mg of Mg++.


  • In cattle, calves and sheep: for the prevention and treatment of hypo-magnesemia (hypomagnesemic tetany).
  • In pigs: for reversal of the malignant hyperthermia syndrome.

The magnesium ion is essential for normal bone metabolism, normal nerve function and muscle irritability. Low magnesium blood levels can be asymptomatic or be accompanied by tetany and convulsions. Magnesium also plays an essential part in the coenzyme system which links normal carbohydrate metabolism with phosphate metabolism and the provision of energy for muscle contraction. The magnesium ion is by no means efficiently absorbed and is of variable bioavailability depending on dietary composition. Uptake of
magnesium can be easily interfered with by excessive amounts of calcium, phosphates or fats, or by an alkaline pH. All in all, the lactating cow on an unsupplemented diet is in a precarious position with regard to magnesium balance because of the narrow margin between daily intake and overall needs exacerbated by variable bioavailability. (From Veterinary Applied Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 5th ed, Brander et al

Cattle: 100 to 200ml per cow according to patient’s response, given subcutaneously.
Sheep: 25 to 50ml subcutaneously according to patient’s response.
Pigs (malignant hyperthermia syndrome): 2ml per pig slowly IV to effect.

100ml amber glass injection vials.

Store at room temperature below 25°C and away from light.

Registration Number
G1779 Act 36/1947

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