CANI-CAL is a calcium supplement specifically formulated for dogs.

It is sold only to veterinarians.

5 grams (one level measure) of CANI-CAL contains:
Vitamin A                                  2000 iu
Vitamin D3                                                                    150 iu
Iron 5 iu
Vitamin E       20 mg
Zinc   5 mg
Calcium    350 mg
Phosphorus 290 mg
Calcium / Phosphorus ratio        1

The calcium / phosphorus ratio of CANI-CAL is 1,2 : 1, which is generally accepted as optimum for dogs.

A high dietary calcium content or a vegetable protein-based diet (e.g. dry dog foods all of which are largely
soya) can dramatically increase the zinc requirements of the dog. In addition, recent studies in man suggest
that the inclusion of soy protein in a diet also reduces the absorption of iron. Both of these essential
nutrients (iron and zinc) are present in CANI-CAL in adequate quantities. Iron is present as ferrous fumarate which is well-absorbed and, at 5mg of zinc per 5g dose, CANI-CAL more than provides for the
increased zinc needs of the dog.

The base of yeast and real cheese and liver ensures palatability making it most acceptable to dogs of all ages and types.

CANI-CAL may be given to puppies and growing dogs and bitches during gestation and lactation, as well as dogs of any age and type.

Adult dogs: One to two 5g measures sprinkled or mixed in food.

Puppies and growing dogs: Half to one 5g measure per day, sprinkled on or mixed in food.

250g jar (5g measure included) & 5 kg bucket

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

V10328 Act 36/1947

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