Kyrovite A-E injection

KYROVITE A-E injection is a high-potency aqueous of Vitamin A and E. It is a milky, yellowish-white fluid of low viscosity.

Vitamin A is the only vitamin commonly deficient in diets of range livestock. The deficiency occurs either as a primary disease due to an absolute deficiency of Vitamin A or its precursor carotene in the diet or as a secondary disease in which the dietary supply is adequate but digestion, absorption or metabolism is interfered with to produce a deficiency.

The major pathophysiological effect of Vitamin A deficiency are well-known and include night-blindness, cerebrospinal fluid pressure, distorted bone growth, atrophy of epithelial tissue, multiple congenital effects and loss of immune mechanism function.

Traditional forms of treatment have included the use of oily solutions of vitamin. However, the preference now is for aqueous forms of the injection because of their greater bioavailability. Aqueous emulsions of Vitamin A have been shown to have improved bioavailability compared to other types of formulation (see bar chart).

Each ml of KYROVITE A-E contains:
500 000 i.u. Vitamin A
50 i.u. Vitamin E Preservative: benzyl alcohol 1%

For the prevention and treatment of Vitamin A deficiency in cattle.

Dosage And Directions For Use
Give by deep intramuscular injection 1ml per 250kg or 2ml per 500kg body mass. Repeat every 2 to 3 months during dry grazing conditions except where otherwise recommended. Under intensive farming conditions Vitamin A requirements may be higher and larger doses therefore required.

100ml amber glass injection vials.

Keep in a cool dark place, preferably in a refrigerator (but do not freeze).

Registration Number
G2142 Act 36/1947

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