Lion Milk Replacer

Milk Substitute for Lions
Lion Cub Milk Replacer matches lioness’s milk closely in vitamin, mineral, fat and protein content, to assist
in the proper development of the young cub.

Recomended Dosage
Depending on their condition and age, feed the first day or two every 2 hours, if the cubs are sucking well, change to 4 hourly feeds. Feed at 15 – 20% of body weight over 24 hours and make sure to add Felivit and Taurine. It is recommended to give Vitamin A injectable as well for added supplementation. Many cubs have this deficiency and end up with neurological abnormalities which can be quite severe.

Wean them onto mince from about 6 weeks old, starting with a teaspoon amount and add a bit more every day.Wean them off the bottle by 4 months old. The more they eat, the less milk can be given. Feed the cubs mince 3 times a day and decrease bottles and amount of milk gradually as they eat bigger amounts of mince over the 4th month.

From about 6 months, give them bones to start learning to eat chunks of meat without choking – once they do this properly, change from mince to bigger chunks. Feed twice a day until they’re a year old and then slowly change to once a day by splitting the amounts large to smaller. At 2 years, start introducing meatless days.

Information from Sr Cherene Williams, Hospital Supervisor at the Johannesburg Zoo.

Keep out of reach of children and uninformed persons.

Store in a air tight container in a cool, dry place below 25° C.

Each IO grams of powder contains the following: Protein (min.) 28 % ,Fat (min) 24 %. Arachidonic acid 20mg, Zinc I Omg,Vitamin A 200i.u., Manganese 75mcg,Vitamin D11 i.u., Iodine 3.Smcg,Vitamin E Si.u., Methionine 65mg,Vitamin BI 600mcg,Taurine 20mg,Vitamin B2 I OOmcg, Potassium 60mg, Nicotinamide 1,2mg, Sodium 20mg, Calcium pantothenate 750mcg, Phosphorus 80mg, Vitamin B6 600mcg, Calcium I 00mg, Vitamin B 12 2mcg, Magnesium 8mg, Folic Acid 8mcg, Iron 0.8mg, Biotin I Smcg, Copper Smcg, Choline 24mg,Vitamin K I mcg, Arginine 180mg, Selenium I mcg, Fluoride SOmcg Calcium: Phosphorus ratio is 12:1

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