Kyrovite B Co Super

A high potency vitamin B complex injectable solution with high concentrations of the essential B vitamins for maximum effect.


Each ml contains Thiamine hydrochloride 50mg, Riboflavin 7,5mg, Pyridoxine hydrochloride I 0mg, Cyanocobalamin I 00mcg, Nicotinamide I 00mg and Pantothenic acid I 0mg.Preserved with 2% benzyl alcohol.


For use in all species as supportive therapy. For the treatment of stress conditions. For the treatment of B vitamin deficiencies.

Dosage (IMISC)

Dogs, cats: 0,5-2ml
Pigs, sheep: 5-10ml
Cattle, horses: I 0-20ml

100ml amber glass multi dose vials

Store in a cool place (below 20°C) protected from light.

Registration number
G 1937 Act 3611947

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