VitESe is an aqueous emulsion of Vitamin E Acetate and selenium. It is an opalescent sterile solution for injection.

Each ml contains Vitamin E acetate 17mg and Sodium Selenite 1,67mg (equivalent to 0,67mg of selenium), preserved with methyl paraben 0.1 % and propyl paraben 0.0 I%.

VitESe is indicated for the treatment or prophylaxis of vitamin E and Selenium deficiency syndrome (also known as selenium-vitamin E responsive diseases). Available evidence suggests that dietary selenium, sulphur-containing amino acids and vitamin E act synergistically to protect tissues from oxidative damage1. Selenium and/or vitamin E deficiency has been shown to impair the immune response in several species of animals and increases the severity of coliform mastitis in dairy cattle. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties: in combination with selenium it protects against red blood cell haemolysis and prevents the action of peroxidase on unsaturated bonds in cell membranes. There is a growing body of evidence showing that selenium and vitamin E are important factors in the immune response of animals2.Vitamin E can stimulate the immune defence mechanism in laboratory animals and this effect has been recorded in cattle1. Studies have indicated that selenium may enhance the resistance of the bovine mammary gland to infectious agents 4* The essential role of selenium is as part of the enzyme glutathione peroxidise, which prevents free radical damage to tissues.

VitESe is indicated as an aid in the prevention of the following disorders:

  • Bovine: Nutritional muscular dystrophy; retained foetal membranes; resistance to mastitis.
    Porcine: Hepatosis dietetica; exudative diathesis; iron hypersensitivity; nutritional muscular dystrophy; anaemia.
  • Ovine: Nutritional muscular dystrophy; bone marrow abnormalities.
  • Poultry: Growth delay and myopathies.

Acute and chronic selenium toxicity can occur in horses and is usually due to excessive supplementation. VitESe should only be used in species for which it is indicated. Do not use in pregnant animals. Do not administer IV. Withdrawal period: Cattle, sheep and pigs. Meat: 28 days. Milk: 5 days.

Directions For Use

• Intramuscular Injection



Ewes 2-3ml  
Pigs 3-5ml 6-10ml
Piglets / Lambs 0.5ml 1ml
Horse / Cattle 3,l/100kg bm

Oral Administration
Poultry: 1 ml/ 100 chickens dissolved in drinking water

100ml multidose vial

Store at or below room temperature (not more than 25° C) and protect from light.

Registration Number
G3397 Act 36/ 1947

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