Kyrogest FORTE

Kyrogest Forte is indicated for normalising digestion in the rumen.

A 190g bag contains Sodium propionate 60g, Calcium propionate 40g, Calcium phosphate 50g, Sodium chloride 20g, Ginger 19.2g, Cobalt sulphate 74mg, Copper sulphate 233mg, Manganese sulphate 0.22mg, Ferrous sulphate 300mg, Zinc sulphate 12mg.


  • Kyrogest Forte is indicated for normalisation of fore-stomach digestion following primary and secondary digestive disturbances in the ruminant, as well as bovine ketosis. It also assists in the stimulation of normal ruminal activity following rumenotomy.
  • Kyrogest Forte  assists in normalisation of the acid-base equilibrium by lowering the pH and by increasing ruminal acidity and stimulating ruminal activity. Stimulation of ruminal activity usually results in a pick-up of feeding and rumination after a day in most uncomplicated cases.
  • Cases of indigestion, which have run a course of more than a few days, and animals suffering from prolonged anorexia can suffer an appreciable loss of microflora. Kyrogest Forte exerts a beneficial effect on the production of normal ruminal microflora which will aid cellulose digestion.
  • Hypocalcaemia and hypophosphataemia can occur in cattle due to a reduction in feed intake because of any illness that may have affected the appetite. Losses of bicarbonate, sodium, potassium and chloride ions cause imbalances in the acid-base balance … rational therapy should include the use of alkalinisers.*”


Directions for use
To be mixed with water and drenched.

• Bovine Mix the contents of one or two bags with water and give daily as a single dose.
• Ovine 1/4 to 1/3 of the bovine dose.

Buckets containing 20 x 190g powder sachets.

Store below 25oC.

G1789 Act 36/1947

*Radostits OM, Blood DC, Gay CC.Veterinary Medicine 8e, pub Bailliere Tindall.

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