Kyroligo Injection contains oil- and water-soluble vitamins, inositol, choline, methionine (an amino acid), and minerals manganese, zinc, copper, cobalt and magnesium.

Each ml contains:
Vitamin A 50,000i.u. Inositol 2mg
Vitamin D3 25,000i.u. Nicotinamide 5mg
Vitamin B1 10mg Manganese sulphate 0,1mg
Vitamin B2 0,04mg Zinc sulphate 0,1mg
Vitamin B6 2mg Copper sulphate 0,1mg
Vitamin B12 0,01mg Cobalt sulphate 0,02mg
Vitamin E 4mg Magnesium chloride 0,78mg
Calcium pantothenate 2mg Choline chloride 2,36mg
Methionine 5mg Preservative: 0.1% methyl paraben

For use as a supplement in all animals where nutritional supplementation is required. For use in healthy animals to ensure normal development. Kyroligo can also be used therapeutically, for convalescence after illness and for general debilitation and weakness In cattle, it has successfully been used during the calving cycle as a supportive nutritional aid.Here, Kyroligo is administered (dose: 15ml) 6-8 weeks before calving and again one week after calving. Another dose is given at the beginning of the rest period before the new calving cycle begins. Kyroligo supplies the necessary additional vitamins and trace elements to maintain the cow’s health during this stress-filled period, and may aid in ensuring increased fertility and a better quality ovum.

Directions for use
By deep IM injection only. Therapeutic dose: repeat once a week. Preventative dose: repeat once a month.

Cows/horses: 8-20ml
Calves/foals: 4-8ml
Dogs/cats: 0.5-2ml
Pigs: 5-8ml
Sows: 25ml
Piglets: 1-2ml

100ml multidose vial

Store at 2-8°C (i.e. in a refrigerator).

Registration Number
Reg. No. G3087 Act 36/1947

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