Darrow’s Solution

Darrow’s Solution is a pleasantly flavoured oral glucose-electrolyte mixture for small and large animals. The solution replaces fluids and electrolytes which have been lost in cases of diarrhoea and corrects the subsequent dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. It is readily accepted by convalescing animals and is of benefit to them.

When diluted as directed each ml contains potassium chloride 1.5mg, sodium chloride 2mg, sodium citrate 2.5mg and glucose 25mg.

Fluid, electrolyte and energy replacement following diarrhoea.

Directions for use
Dilute 1 part Darrow’s Solution with 10 parts water. The oral solution should be prepared daily. Discard any unused solution after 24 hours.


  • In patients with renal failure.
  • In patients with sodium restriction e.g. cardiac failure, hypertension, etc.
  • In patients with diabetes mellitus.
  • Do not mix with other electrolyte containing solutions.

250ml, 2,5L

Store in a cool place (below 25°C).

Registration Number
Reg No. V10536 Act 36/1947

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