Kyrogest Antacid

For ruminants for the treatment of Rumen Overload (rumen acidosis). KYROGEST ANTACID is an efficient antacid which is combined with ginger (for its stimulant action on the rumen) and trace minerals to provide nutrients for rumen microflora.


A 320g bag contains Calcium carbonate 222g, Magnesium carbonate 14g, Sodium phosphate dibasic 8g,
Sodium propionate 50g, Ginger 19.3g, Cobalt sulphate 72mg, Copper sulphate 232mg, Manganese sulphate 220mg, Zinc sulphate 20mg.

  • Ingestion of excessive quantities of highly fermentable carbohydrate causes a major change in normal fermentation patterns in the rumen. Lactic acid becomes a principal fermentation end-product, rumen pH drops resulting in rumen stasis and a large percentage of the normal rumen microflora is destroyed. Blood pH becomes depressed as the lactic acid converts to sodium lactate and is absorbed into the circulation. Mortality is often high.
  • This lactic acidosis should be treated by correcting the ruminal and systemic acidosis and preventing further production of lactic acid. Where possible, the rumen should be emptied by oral lavage and antacid treatment should be instituted. Kyrogest Antacid is ideal for this purpose.
  • Calcium and magnesium carbonates are antacids; they react with lactic acid in the rumen and the alkali salts formed raise the pH of the contents. Sodium phosphate acts as a chemical buffer. Sodium propionate is converted in the rumen to the bicarbonate ion, thus raising the pH. Ginger stimulates the rumen and encourages motility, and the minerals in Kyrogest Antacid  provide nutrients for the rumen microflora. Treatment should also include the parenteral correction of dehydration and acidosis by IV administration of balanced electrolyte and bicarbonate solutions.

Direction for use

• Bovine Mix the contents of a bag (320g) with about 10 litres of warm water and give by stomach tube to ensure dispersion throughout the rumen.
Repeat at least once over 24 hours.
Continue treatment for 2-3 days.
• Ovine Drench 1/4 bag (80g) repeated over 24 hours.

Buckets containing 12 x 320g powder sachets.

Store below 25o C.

Registration number
G1788 Act 36/1947

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