Stifle Retractors

The examination of the meniscus and intra-articular structure during anterior cruciate repair is a real necessity. This visualisation is often difficult even in the largest of dogs. The stifle retractor allows gentle retraction between the femur and tibia, exposing the entire stifle joint to a thorough exam without damaging the joint surface.


Y3151 Small Stifle/joint retractor with 6mm profile. The small overlapping tips allow atraumatic entry into the small arthrotomies and small stifles (dogs 5-50kg).

Y3152 Extra small Stifle/joint retractor with 3mm profile (dogs less than 5kg).

Y3153 Modified Stifle retractor (18cm) for medium to large dogs. An improved model with longer jaw tips; once inserted atraumatically into the stifle, distraction exposes the longer tips for maximum grip (dogs 15-50kg).

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