Sterifluid is a bactericidal liquid based on an ethanol/formaldehyde sterilising system. It is sporocidal as well as bactericidal. Sterifluid also effectively inhibits rust formation.
An independen laboratory test using the organisms E. Coli, S.Aureus and Ps. Aeruginosa demonstrated rapid and effective action: a I 00% kill rate was achieved within 5 minutes.*


  • Formaldehyde I %
  • Diethylethanolamine 0,05%
  • Sodium nitrite 0,05%
  • Ethanol 97%
  • Water to 100%

Directions For Use
Sterifluid is most suitable for sterilising surgical instruments. For complete protection we recommend soaking instruments in Sterifluid for a few hours.

2,5L plastic containers

Store in a cool place (below 25°C )

* Report on ff/e at Kyron Laboratories

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