Red Rubber, Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes

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The standard oral Magill ET tube to which is vulcanised an inflatable cuff and pilot balloon. (ET tube connector/adaptor not included). Sizes:
  • Y1030 2,5mm
  • Y1001 3,0mm
  • Y1002 3,5mm
  • Y1003 4,0mm
  • Y1004 4,5mm
  • Y1005 5,0mm
  • Y1006 5,5mm
  • Y1007 6,0mm
  • Y1008 6,5mm
  • Y1009 7,0mm
  • Y1010 7,5mm
  • Y1011 8,0mm
  • Y1012 8,5mm
  • Y1013 9,0mm
  • Y1014 9,5mm
  • Y1015 10,0mm
  • Y1016 10,5mm
  • Y1017 11,0mm
Special sizes with adaptor are available on request:
  • Y1018 12mm x 48cm
  • Y1019 14mm x 48cm
  • Y1020 16mm x 48cm

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