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Quicksplints are designed to support the leg from either lateral or medial side when properly padded and cut to fit. They can be used for a variety of problems, including some types of fractures, luxations, post-surgical care and with a Modified Robert Jones. In certain cases it may be beneficial to apply both lateral and medial splint to the same leg. The splints are liberally perforated to accommodate drainage and ventilation. Slippage is reduced when underlying bandage material protrudes into the holes. Sizes (all packaged per pair): Hind leg: Y3625 Small Y3626 Medium Y3627 Large Front leg: Y3628 Small Y3629 Medium Y3630 Large Available on request: hind/front leg of a specific size & side (left or right) x 4’s

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Hind small, Hind medium, Hind large, Front small, Front medium, Front large