Optivisor Headpiece 

The Optivisor is a head-worn magnifying glass. The optical-glass quality lenses are precision ground and polished, and the body of the instrument is made of lightweight, durable, impactresistant material. The headpiece adjusts to all head sizes. The equallyground prismatic lenses assist the eyes to converge at a given focal distance. This focal distance depends on the power of the lens being used with the instrument.

Note: Lenses must be ordered separately to the headpiece.

Lens Plates
No. Magnifies Focal distance
Y6041 2 1,5x 50cm
Y6042 3 1,75x 35cm
Y6043 4 2x 25cm
Y6044 5 2,5x 20cm
Y6045 7 2,75x 15cm
Y6046 10 3,5x 10cm

With battery pack & cord. Fits onto the OPTIVISOR (sold separately) as an extra light source.

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