Olsen Hegar Needle Holder

A Needle holder and scissors combination with cross-hatched serrated tip and self-locking ratchet handle.


  • Y2760 14cm — stainless steel
  • Y2761 14cm — tungsten carbide
  • Y2762 17cm — stainless steel
  • Y2763 17cm — tungsten carbide
  • Y2764 19cm — stainless steel
  • Y2765 19cm — tungsten carbide

CORRECT USE OF NEEDLE HOLDERS WITH NEEDLESTo avoid needle breakage resulting from undue stress, the correct needle holder should be used for the correct needle size (i.e. small needle holders for fine gauge needles and heavy-duty needle holders on heavy gauge needles). The needle holder should be applied on the needle flat section (a) about ¼ of the length of the needle from the eyed end. When withdrawing needle, clamp on shank about ¼ of the length from the point (b).
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