Oesophageal Stethoscope

A flexible plastic tube with a hollowcore used to monitor respiratory andheart sounds when access to the chestis difficult (flexibility of the plasticmeans traumatic damage is unlikely).The distal end inserts into theoesophagus and contains a number ofsmall holes with a thin plastic covering(to prevent fluids entering the tube),while the proximal end (fitted with aluer mount) transmits the respiratoryand heart sounds. The luer mountfits onto the end of a normalstethoscope (not included)(simply remove the stethoscope headand insert the luer mount into thetube). Tube length: 50cm


  • Y2561 12FG (2,7mm id x 4mm od)
  • Y2563 18FG (4,1mm id x 6mm od)
  • Y2564 24FG (5,5mm id x 8mm od)
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