Magnetic Dental Float

An innovative magnetic dental rasp. These rasps have powerful magnets that hold the solid carbide blades securely in place. The blades can be removed with a T-punch. The solid carbide blades are very sharp with rounded edges. The shafts are hollow, which reduces the weight of the rasp, and it is flattened at the handle in the same angle as the blade: this gives the operator a sense of the blade location.

[Magfloat, Equivet] (Without Blades)

  • Y1342-10 24,5cm (Upper & Lower incisors/canine #1 – #4)
  • Y1342-11 35,5cm (Upper pre-molar #6 – #8)
  • Y1342-12 36cm (Upper & Lower pre-molar #6 or pre-molar roller for creating a bitseat)
  • Y1342-13 53cm (Lower cheek teeth #6 – #11)
  • Y1342-14 55cm (Upper cheek molar #9 – #11)
  • Y1342-15 61cm (Upper & lower last molar #11)
  • Y1342-16 52cm (Occlusive surface; upper/lower cheek teeth #6 – #11)
  • Y1342-17 T-punch for MagFloat

Magnetic Dental Float [Magfloat] Blades

  • Y1342-18 Superior carbide blade, medium grid: 19 x 55mm (fit rasps Y1342/10-15)
  • Y1342-19 Superior carbide blade, medium grid (convex shaped): 20 x 60mm (fit rasp Y1342/16)
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