Jorvet Combi Centrifuge (Variable speed)

The E8 Combination Centrifuge is specifically designed to run 75mm microhematocrit tubes and 1 ml-15ml microtubes and test tubes. This centrifuge features a quiet operations for a more peaceful laboratory environment. It also features a shorter height to fit under any cabinet and an auto-calibrating speed function for precision results. 


Accurate speeds for specific g-forces 

Proper separations without cell damage 

Quiet, vibration-free operation 

Auto-brake stops the rotor in less than 30 seconds 

Spins 8, 75mm capillary tubes 


Angled rotor, 8-tube capacity 

Holds 1 ml to 15ml size tubes and 75mm capillary tubes 

12 volt DC maintenance-free motor 

Clear view port in lid for using tachometer 

Suction-cupped feet prevent slipping

Lid safety shut-off switch 

Maximum RCF=1,534

Weight and Dimensions

Height: 241 mm

 Length: 279mm 

Width: 279mm 

Weight: 4.3kg

E8 Variable Speed

3,500 rpm with variable speed control knobs 

(blood, urines, microhematocrits, etc.) Auto-off 30-minute timer with bell


  • Eight-place rotor 
  • Eight 5ml-15ml blue tube sleeves 
  • Eight 3ml-4ml black tube sleeve inserts 
  • Six green tube inserts to spin 1 ml-2ml
  • Two 15ml metal tube shields 
  • Two 4-place Grit Carrier inserts (75mm capillary tubes) 
  • EZ Reader Card
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