epoc Portable Analyser System

A cost-effective, state-of-the-art, portable blood gas, electrolyte & critical care biochemistry analyser, which consists of a reader, host, printer and BGEM test cards. It is a completely affordable analyser that is easy to use and requires no refrigeration of consumables. epoc® portable analyser is ideal for small animal critical care situations, such as:

  • Routine pre-surgery check,
  • Emergencies,
  • Shock,
  • Breathing problems,
  • Collapse,
  • Renal failure,
  • Monitoring during surgery,
  • Blood gases,
  • Electrolytes & fluid status,
  • Post-Operative monitoring, Anorexic patient.

® epoc portable analyser is ideal for large animal critical care situations, such as:

  • Emergencies,
  • Colic Sick foal,
  • Breathing problems,
  • Downer cows,
  • Monitoring during anaesthesia,
  • Blood gases,
  • Lactate for “compartment syndrome”,
  • Monitoring during endurance racing.


  1. Multi-species application (includes reference ranges for dog, cat, horse, mouse and rabbit).
  2. Multi-Analyte epoc ® BGEM4 test card incorporates results for measured values and calculated values

  3. Uses a fresh whole blood sample (100μl sample volume).
  4. Small, light-weight and portable unit –ready to use anytime, anywhere: in practice, theatre, stable yard, client site, fieldwork.
  5. A single-use, self-calibrated test (automated calibration check within 165 seconds): Quality Assured PRIOR to inserting sample. epoc® Printer Y2525
  6.  Room temperature storage for  (23oc) the BGEM4 test card
  7. Wireless system includes Bluetooth printer (rechargeable via mains or 12V vehicle supply).
  8. epoc  ® Reader runs off AC Power or rechargeable battery (lasts about 50 tests before recharging).
  9. epoc  ® Host runs off a rechargeable battery (lasts about 4 hours or 35 tests when connected with the reader).
  10. 2000 patient results stored on the analyser.
  11. Input all patient data with touchscreen technology.
  12. Backed by Kyron’s guarantee of quality


  • Y2526 BGEM3 TEST CARDS (5’s)
    11 Parameters:
    Measures pH, pCO , pO , Na, K, iCa, Glu, Lac, Hct, Crea, Cl with additional 7 calculated values: HCO , TCO BE (ecf), BE (b), SO , Hb & Agapk+
  • Y2527
    epoc® Transport Case For fieldwork to keep temperatures below 29oc
  • Y2528 epoc® CAREFILL VET CAPILLARY TUBES (10’s) 90μl Coated with balanced Lithium Heparin
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