Environmental Odour Neutralizer With Chlorhexidine

Aerosol spray for clinics, surgeries, waiting rooms & homes EnviroFresh is an environmental spray for disinfecting and deodorizing all rooms and hard surfaces. This fresh, clean-smelling spray completely neutralises all unpleasant odours. EnviroFresh is strongly bactericidal and fungicidal.

  • EnviroFresh contains Kyron’s unique chemical odour neutraliser
  • Registered for use as an environmental and hard surface disinfectant
  • Strong broad-spectrum antibacterial action due to chlorhexidine
  • Strong antifungal action
  • High discharge valve rapidly fills room volume
    • To deodorise rooms in a flash, spray a burst of Envirofresh – it instantly neutralises the most offensive odours
    • Kills airborne bacteria and funguses
    • To disinfect hard surfaces: leave sprayed solution in contact for 5 minutes.
    • NRCS approved

500ml can with rapid-discharge valve
Available in Original and Baby Powder Fragrance

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