Electrojac 6

ElectroJac 6 is a fully portable ejaculation unit that will operate manually or automatically through 32 increasing power output cycles. The dwell switch eases semen collection, especially from older bulls that may be difficult to stimulate.


  • Improved output curve for more efficiency when collecting
  • Early cycles more comfortable for younger bulls and later cycles have 5% more power for older bulls
  • Long-lasting, powerful, gel cell battery (The unit can be left plugged- in indefinitely after each use to ensure a fully charged battery whenever the unit is needed).
  • Unparalleled simplicity of use
  • Unique dwell switch for cycle pausing (To control automatic cycles: when the dwell switch is depressed & held, the ElectroJac 6 will remain at that cycle [2 seconds on, 2 seconds off] until the switch is released.)
  • Bright numeric display (In automatic mode, the numerals indicate which of the 32 cycles the unit is in. In manual mode, the numerals will blink and indicate output voltage.)

ElectroJac 6 consists of:

  • Electronics instrument case
  • Dwell cable assembly
  • Probe cable assembly
  • Semen collection director cone & vial
  • Probe of choice
  • Carrying case
  • AC battery charger
  • Metric scrotal tape
  • Transformer (provided for SA)
  • Remote Control


Y2835 76mm (3″) bull probe

Y2835/51 64mm (2,5″) bull probe Extra probes available on request:

51mm Bull probe 25mm Ram probe


Available separately from the complete set.

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