The C-clamp is used in combination with an IM pin to stabilise transverse or slightly oblique diaphyseal long bone fractures. This combined internal fixation method counteracts rotational, shearing, distracting and bending forces. This unique technique was developed by a South African veterinarian and is economical, fast and easy to apply. Reduces or eliminates the need for post-operative care.

(The use of a Verbrugge Bone Holding Forceps [Y3031] is recommended in this technique).

Y3090 C-clamp Crimper

Y3092 C-clamp: 16 x 40mm

Y3094 C-clamp: 14 x 29mm

Y3095 C-clamp: 14 x 34mm

Y3096 C-clamp: 10 x 29mm

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