Bonart Micro-Motor Polisher

The Micro-motor polisher makes up an essential part of the scaling program. Polishing (with prophy paste and prophy cups) smooths the tooth surface and helps prevent plaque building up again too rapidly after scaling (scaling leaves the tooth surface rough). The micro-motor is a low speed, high torque motor, with variable speeds from 300 to 30,000 RPM. Lower speeds up to 2,500 RPM are used for polishing, while higher speeds are used for cutting.

Bonart Micro-Motor Polisher includes the following:

  • Y1380 NSK AR-Y latch-type head for burrs
  • Y1391 NSK EC handpiece for micro-motor (no heads)
  • Y1399 NSK NAC-Y snap-on prophy head for polishing
  • Y1382 Prophy cups, rubber (10’s)
  • Y1383 Prophy paste (10’s)
  • Y1384 Tungsten carbide round burr #3
  • Y1384/701 Cutting Burr #701 (small)
  • Y1384/703 Cutting Burr #703 (large)
  • Y1391/HP NSK HP Straight hand piece (optional)
  • Y1384/HP023 HP Surgical round burr (optional)
  • Y1384/HP016 HP Surgical cutting burr (optional)
  • Y1375 Lubricant oil for NSK handpieces and cleaning (480ml)
  • Y1376 E-Type nozzle to use with lubricant oil
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