Bonart Electrosurgery Unit

This technology uses electrical energy in the radio frequency ranges to create an alternating current that produces the desired effect. Based on the procedure being performed, the veterinarian may adjust these settings: the type of energy waveform and the amount of the energy flow. The electrical energy flows through a hand piece to electrodes of various sizes and shapes as required performing the desired incisions and/or coagulation. The electrical energy causes heat generating vibrations at the tissue level without causing the electrode itself to become heated. Veterinarians appreciate the capability to perform a variety of procedures that traditionally require incision.

  • De-claw
  • Treating dermal lesions
  • Biopsy
  • Bleeding control

Cautery is often confused with electrosurgery. Cautery describes a procedure that requires a high degree of heat at the electrode tip itself. Using a small handheld device, a heated wire tip is applied to the targeted tissues. The real value lies in its ability to reach into small target areas to stop bleeding

The two types of coagulation electrodes are the round ball electrodes and heavier needle. The Bonart Electrosurgery Unit has different setting for electrosugery and coagulation:


CUT: This gives a fully filtered wave of continuous high frequency waves. The fully filtered wave allows a constant nonpulsating waveform that provides smooth cutting power. This produces the least amount of lateral heat and tissue damage. This is the preferred mode for thin avian skin and incisions where heavy bleeding in not a problem. This mode provides for the least amount of haemostasis.


COAG1:  This setting performs both electro-section and electrocoagulation. This selection produces a full rectified wave. This waveform has less cutting power, but coagulation of small capacity beds is achieved.


COAG2: This setting provides coagulation with a partially rectified wave. This provides the most haemostasis on vessels up to 1,58mm in diameter. This mode can also use the indirect method of coagulation. This method employs a fine haemostat to grasp the vessel cleanly. The active electrode can touch the haemostat near the tip and coagulate that vessel.

Spare electrode tips available on request.


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