U.G.S. Solution is an antiseptic flushing solution for the treatment of the bovine uterus following calving.
Infection often sets in after the cow has given birth. U.G.S. Solution, infused immediately after calving, flushes out debris in the uterus and cleans the tissues, dramatically reducing the incidence of infection.

A litre of solution contains: Urea 40g, Sodium Chloride 32g and Glycerin 200g. Preserved with Methylparaben 0.1 %

Directions For Use
Depending on the size of the uterus, initial infusion of half to one litre is recommended, to determine if the fluid can be retrieved. Thereafter infuse volumes of I or more litres until the effluent is relatively clear.

1 litre and 5 litre polyethylene containers.

Store at room temperature.

Registration Number
GI 926Act 36/ 1947

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