Superquat is a safe, concentrated blend of new generation quarternary ammonium compounds offering powerful antimicrobial ability, improved tolerance to anoinic surfactants, protein, soil and water hardness salts.


  • An extremely efficacious link in your disinfectant regime
  • Ensures a clean, fresh and safe environment for you, your staff, your clients and your patients.
  • Was tested by an accredited laboratory and approved by the NRCS.
  • When correctly diluted, achieves a 99.9% kill against E.coli, S. aureus and Ps. aeruginosa.
  • Also achieved a 99.9% kill against Candida albicans and Asp. brasiliensis fungicidal activity.

Directions For Use

Use Superquat for general disinfection and especially to treat areas where a high bacterial burden is likely to be encountered. Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting clinic floors, operating tables, sinks, cages, kitchen areas, bathrooms, food and water bowls and bedding.

Dilute 1:10 ratio and leave in contact for at least 10 minutes.

2,5 litre plastic containers.


As with all Quarternary ammonium compounds avoid direct contact of diluted or undiluted solution with skin and eyes. Harmful if swallowed. Treatment for accidental ingestion is symptomatic: emesis and lavage should be avoided but demulcents given if necessary.

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