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STRONG HOOF is a highly palatable product which strengthens and maintains healthy hoof condition in horses.

STRONGHOOF provides all the essential nutrients to grow strong, tough hooves. It is well known that biotin aids in the strengthening of hooves, but growing strong hooves is a much more complex process that can’t be accomplished simply by supplementing the diet with biotin. Studies show that most horses with hoof problems respond better to overall nutritional supplementation.A comprehensive product, like STRONGHOOF, is required to maintain healthy hooves or strengthen weakened hooves.

Keratin is responsible for making the hoof hard. Keratin comprises of sulphur-containing amino acids, such as cystine and methionine. (Cysteine is converted to cystine by oxidation after ingestion). Zinc improves hoof health and increases hoof strength. It is also shown that supplemental zinc and copper in the proper ratio (3: I) improves the ability to grow and heal hoof tissue. Manganese is a trace mineral necessary for collagen formation and bone growth. Glycine is important for the living tissue inside the hoof.

Inadequate intake of protein or required amino acids (such as methionine and lysine) by mature horses may lead to reduced feed intake, body tissue loss, poor hair coat and reduced hoof growth 1

Case History
Over a number of years, the condition of the hooves of the white Lipizzaner stallions ofVienna,Austria’s renowned Spanish Riding School, had deteriorated badly. The horses had crumbling hoof walls, with a soft and wide white line area on the hoof sole. The hoof walls were thin and cracked at the weight-bearing border. Many required shoes to minimise the cracking problem.

Forty-two Lipizzaners were involved in a double-blind study. For more than two years, 26 horses received 20 mg. biotin daily in their feed, while 16 horses received a placebo. Hoof condition began to improve after nine months in the horses receiving the biotin. Improvement was seen as a lessening of hoof cracks and less crumbling of the hoof horn. Improvement in hoof condition scores continued throughout the remainder of the study for the animals receiving supplementation. The placebo group’s hoof scores were unchanged throughout the study. Overall improvements in the Spanish Riding School study were seen in these aspects of hoof condition:

  • less cracking and splitting of the horn, especially at the weight-bearing border.
  • more even surface to the coronary band.
  • improved condition of the white line area.
  • greater tensile strength of the horn.
  • fewer defects in the hoof horn observed under microscopic examination.

The first improvements were evident within six months of biotin treatment, but the improved hoof condition continued over the next two years, as long as supplementation was continued.

Each kg contains Biotin 1.6 g, Methionine 128g, Lysine I 08 g, Glycine 38.4g, Cysteine 14.4g, Manganese 4g, Zinc 4g and Copper 1.28 g

Directions For Use
One level measure ( 12.Sg) daily, mixed into the feed.
Supplementation should be continued for at least 9 months for horses with severe hoof horn defects.

Keep closed and store below 25°C .

Pack Size
1 kg

Registration Number
Vl8578Act 36/1947

1- Nutrient requirements of Horses.5th Revised ed., I 989, 9p

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