CCL Repair System


Originally described by DeAngelis and subsequently refined by Flo, Olmstead and many others, some kind of lateral suture is the most common means of stabilising the Cranial Cruciate Ligament deficient stifle. Treatment of Cranial Cruciate Ligament rupture by placement of a lateral nylon suture has gained popularity among veterinary surgeons. The relatively quick procedure results are comparable to other techniques. Post-operative strength of the repair is immediately good. Risks to intra-articular structures are minimal.


Heavy monofilament nylon is first placed on the lateral side of the stifle. A metal crimp tube replaces the large knot normally required. Appropriate tension is placed on the suture. Then a crimp tube applied over the suture ends is held in place by the crimping forceps. The lateral nylon is placed behind the lateral fabella bone and then through the tibial tubercle. The strength of nylon required depends on the weight of the animal.


Animal’s Weight Nylon Strength
less than 15kg 50lb
15-25kg 80lb
25-40kg 100lb
more than 40kg 2 x 80lb or 100lb (double)

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