Cardell® Insight (BP+SpO2)

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Designed to be compact, lightweight and durable, with an intuitive interface to make our monitors easier to use. And they’re designed to fit anywhere you need them: on a narrow shelf, hanging on a cage or IV stand, or in a carry bag for ultimate mobility.

Popular uses:

  • All areas including exam, treatment, surgery, recovery
  • Monitoring patients as they move around your hospital
  • Mobile practices and field monitoring purposes


  • Bright 7″ touchscreen display with anti-glare coating for better viewing from any angle
  • 3 animal specific alarm settings provide quicker patient set up
  • Fixed touch selection provides quick and easy access to most used functions
  • 10 hour battery life with 5 minute auto mode for blood pressure allows for increased mobility

Includes: monitor, 13 BP Cuffs (7 Sizes), 6″ inflation hose, Nellcor Lingual SpO2 sensor with 10″ cable and manual.