Steam is an ideal sterilising agent since it kills microbes quickly. It has the additional important property of self- caused forced penetration. A large volume of steam condenses to a very small volume of water and more steam is drawn to replace it. This causes excellent penetration of fabrics and some papers and nylon films e.g. blue nylon sterilising film.

The Wisconsin All-American steriliser is a workhorse that does its daily job of sterilising equipment and theatre- wear for years, with utter reliability. The sterilisers are made in America of high-quality cast aluminium which, when used correctly, resists ageing and corrosion. The precision metal- to-metal seal does away with the need for rubber gaskets. As a safety feature, clamping locks prevent removal of the cover while there is pressure present. An accurate pressure gauge, pressure control valve, overpressure safety
plug and cool bakelite handles and wing-nuts are all thoroughly tested features that ensure safe operation with a minimum of attention. Only a small amount of water is needed to create the dry steam. After achieving a minimum temperature of 121ºC and a pressure of 17-21psi, the dry steam penetrates the bandages or instruments making them sterile in a minimum of 35 minutes.

Before using these sterilisers, please read through the operating manual supplied with unit Summary available in
Section Z: Manuals & Maintenance

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