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Cardell®: the best technologies for the most reliable readings.

Reliable Blood Pressure Readings with Cardell® BP Technology

Cardell® BP technology has earned a reputation for providing reliable readings from kittens to horses because of the special algorithms developed for animals. Cardell® BP units are the leading veterinary BP monitor and are now used worldwide. Besides helping detect and manage hypotension during surgery, and assess anaesthetic depth, you can use it to find, assess and treat primary or secondary hypertension. And then it can assess results of drug and/or diet therapy for hypertension. Other aspects of the blood pressure component:

Provides systolic, diastolic, mean arterial pressure in about 20 seconds…hands free.
STAT mode provides continuous readings for five minutes with 10 second pause between.
AUTO mode lets you set the monitor to automatically take a pressure every minute, two minutes, three minutes, etc.
Pulse rate range from 20-300 beats/min.

Nellcor’s All-digital OxiMax® Pulse Oximetry

Nellcor’s all-digital OxiMax® technology provides the most accurate SpO2 readings available. This special technology gives you SpO2 values even in low perfusion and during patient motion, and when you need it most – when your patient is in trouble!

Oridion® Microstream® CO Technology Offers Accuracy in Small Patients

To ensure the accuracy of the CO2 readings, the world leader in capnography technology was selected

— Oridion®. Microstream® filterlines are used at the very low sample rate of 50ml/min (to eliminate problems associated with monitoring CO2 in animals with small lung volumes). No moisture trap is necessary (the 50 ml/min sample flow rate, along with the filter, also reduces the potential moisture problems in the sample line).

Diagnostic Quality ECG

The ECG function can be accomplished with 3 leads or 5 leads

— your choice, and it has 5 gain size selections, freeze trace and variable lead trace waveform selection.

Temperature & Respiration Core body temperature measurements are available through an oesophageal/rectal probe. A second temperature connection is also available. Alarms may be set for each temperature channel.

Respiration is derived from the CO2 line. Alarms can be set.

Full technical data sheets on all Cardell® monitors can be downloaded at

Cardell® Manufacturing Warranty Against Defects

Monitor: 2 years from date of purchase.
Battery: 1 year from date of purchase.
Sensors: 6 months from date of purchase.

Cardell® Preventative Maintenance Programme

Cardell® 2-Year Preventative Maintenance Programme information is detailed here

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