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Preventative Maintenance Programme — Cardell®

This program is designed for monitors to go through a like new process, aiding in maximising their life span. By sending your monitor in for a PM we are able to:

  • Perform internal design revisions and update software
  • Replace the NIBP receptacle along with any other connections that may have become loose preventing air leaks at hose connection
  • Battery replacement for longer use between chargings
  • Test all accessories sent in with the monitor
  • Replacement of temperature connection to prevent intermittent temperature readings
  • Front panel keyswitch and housing replacement as needed returning unit to like new condition
  • NIBP Pneumatic check
  • Monitor Safety Leakage Check/ Hi Pot Test
  • Updated labeling
  • Functional check, QA Testing and calibration of the unit for more accurate readings

If you are interested in our Preventative Maintenance Program, please contact us for current pricing.