Maintenance of NSK Hand pieces

It is important to clean and lubricate
the handpiece, prophy-head and latchtype head used with the Bonart micromotor/polisher, regularly and correctly. If this is not done, your unit will almost certainly seize up, causing you needless
expense as well as down-time.

It is also important to keep the micromotor/polisher section dry to prevent the bearings from rusting and the unit from seizing up.

Cleaning the snap-on prophy head

Disconnect the handpiece from micromotor and the prophy head or latch-typehead from the handpiece.

After appropriately preparing the biopsy site, introduce the bone marrow needle perpendicular to the surface of the bone, holding the needle firmly in the palm of your hand.


Cleaning the latch-type head

Always remove the burr from the latch-type head after use. Wash out debris inside the head.

Lubricating the handpiece, prophy head and latch-type head

It is good practice to lubricate handpieces at the end of a day. If you use a handpiece continuously for more than half an hour, lubrication during this period is highly recommended.

  • Attach the E-type nozzle firmly to the Pana Spray Plus spray nozzle.
  • Insert the E-type nozzle spray in the handpiece/heads then spray.

Manuals maintenance NSK handpieces


  • Hold the handpiece/heads tightly so that they do not come off from aerosol propellant pressure.
  • If dirty oil comes out of the handpiece and latch-type head, repeat spraying until the emerging oil is clean
  • After lubrication, stand the handpiece and heads on tissue paper to drain excess oil before re-assembling it to use with the micro-motor.
  • If routine maintenance is not done, you’ll notice these symptoms:
    • Slower turbine
    • Higher noise and vibration level
    • Noticeable wobbling
    • “Dead” handpiece/heads

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